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Precision Plate

Precision Plate

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Please note: Incremental Tools have changed the base of the LS positioner in 2015. It does not have holes anymore, so one can either drill the new base or purchase an LS positioner with a sub base of a TS (table saw) version instead. From March 2021 all Precision Plate hardware is metric(M6).

Click here for Incra manual for swapping bases from extruded LS base to TS.

Many woodworkers were looking for possibilities as how to combine Incra LS or TS Positioner with a 96mm grid workbenches and now such an option is up for grabs.

Precision Plate has been originally designed to work in conjunction with Festool MFT/3 workbenches in 2014. Since than many design features have been upgraded based on the feedback from our customers. Three (3) shafts, already incorporated into a plate with M8 thread allows you to position it accurately anywhere on your table without any hassle. This new design lowered the profile of the plate making it an even better solution, and lighter!

Precision plate is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy and Type 2 Black anodized at the Mil certified facility.

Complete Precision Plate set includes:

  • (1) Precision Plate
  • (4) M6 socket head screws for LS base

Complete Precision Plate + TS set includes:

  • (1) Precision Plate
  • (8) M6 socket head screws for TS or LS base
  • (1) TS sub base with hardware
  • (4) Spacers to compensate for LS base height difference

Note: Knobs may be different from pictured, but will have the same functionality.

Please see our manual for installation and calibration.

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